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Loosening Up on Language

As a writer, one of the most difficult things I've had to accept is that there are words that have snuck (eeeeew!) into the English language by dint of frequent usage. I spent years learning Canadian spellings, and listening to teachers correct classmates when they said words like ain't. I would cringe. I would cringe a lot.

It was a long time before I could see the richness of dialect (thank you, Mark Twain!) and an even longer time before I felt comfortable using it myself. I still have trouble with a good number of creative spellings. Don't even get me started on Netspeak - especially its French form. It gives me a headache.

While I have learned to be much more flexible when it comes to English usage, I guess you could say I am still pretty much a stickler when it comes to the basics. Spelling - especially the Canadian kind. Mechanics - when to use the apostrophe and when not to. Some aspects of grammar and punctuation. Of course, you can tell I don't have a problem with the occasional use of sentence fragments! I also like my semi-colon and my Oxford comma, although I have learned to drop the latter where it creates too many visual breaks. Correct language that no one ever reads is not better than language so poorly written, it tortures the reader.

While I get the rest of this site up and running, I invite you to listen to this presentation by lexicographer Erin McKean, a woman who deeply disappointed me when I first listened to her. And then taught me to loosen up a bit.

Kyla Matton

Kyla has been writing for organizations, individuals, and online and print publications for more than two decades. She writes for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, where she is an Associated Content Featured Contributor in the areas of Health & Wellness, and Education.

A home educator and mother of special needs children, Kyla also has experience with adult literacy students and remedial English for college students. She is bilingual (English/French.)

Kyla restores period textbooks and children's literature, and has recently completed her first novel.